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CTEMS Company aims to be the most flexible and trusted electromechanical manufacturing partner for designing, sourcing, and building the products that have a positive and sustainable impact on our evolving world.

The CTEMS Leadership Team is uniquely suited to deliver high quality and efficient technical assembly solutions to hi-tech manufactures they need custom cable assemblies, cable harnesses, electronic assemblies, or other electro-mechanical box builds.

Wesley Brandon, President CTEMS

Wesley Brandon has repeatedly proven his leadership talent in delivering high quality, efficient operations that are better, faster, and more efficient than the competition. His hallmark of success has been his refusal to settle for the status quo and his unique ability to evaluate existing operations and strategies to determine if the processes are truly adding value to customers or if there is a better, more effective approach.

Wesley’s Leadership Highlights Include:

  • Executive background providing strategy, direction, and oversight for end-to-end initiatives ranging from design and launch of new products/lines to brand positioning and marketing, M&A leadership, and operations management within startup to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Leadership roles in sales, marketing, operations, strategy, and mergers and acquisitions. Industry experience includes consumer products (Procter & Gamble), aesthetic medical devices (NuFACE), sports (Callaway Golf), high tech (Rockwell Automation), life sciences (Life Technologies), and logistics (Jack Cooper) in businesses ranging from $2M to over $9B in revenue.
  • Directed both internal and external financial professionals to develop and implement financial systems that reduce risk and achieve Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Wesley earned a BSE in both Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


  • Experienced staff of engineers, technicians, and operations personnel well versed in modular designs, electro-mechanical packaging design and contract manufacturing operations
  • Hands-on and degreed engineers, technicians, and operations personnel whose over-100-year combined experiences are drawn from operation-savvy, business-oriented, and common-sense-engineering processes practiced at successful contract manufacturers and capital equipment manufacturers
  • Strategically located in the South Bay to serve the “think tanks” of the world’s capital of technology and innovation in the Bay Area as well as in Vietnam to serve the peripheral design activities being outsources to the South East Asia technology hubs in Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan
  • Have successfully built up capabilities for a couple of business – transforming mom-and-pop shops of cables and harnesses to successful systems integrators of complex box builds, utility modules, server racks, and staged frame for capital equipment manufacturer
  • Have recently transformed a less than 30-employee poorly-operated manufacturing outfit on the verge of financial collapse into a 200-employee global world-class engineering service provider with manufacturing complementary growing 10-fold in 5 years with debt-free balance sheet and two-digit operating profit margin as of December 2010
  • Working experience of business management, business leadership, business area analysis (BAA)
  • Possess the ability to assemble talents in support of various programs, projects, operations, and companies
  • Ability to nurture a culture of strong accountability and build up an enjoyable working environment, managed by objectives, achieving excellence through learning, continuously improving via technology exploration, striving to be the best by continually doing new things, and innovating with new thinking and new ways of execution
  • Operation savvy, common sense engineering, and practical manufacturing
  • Well-verse in strategic leadership (vision), tactical management (objectives), and operation implementation (goals)
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to raise awareness among employees of expected results and help management monitor organization performance
  • Well connected with various capital equipment manufacturers
  • Ability to convince customers to comfortably assign projects and achieve expected results
  • Well-earned reputation within the engineering communities and supply chain management professionals in the Bay Area and South East Asia
  • Well familiarity with manufacturing requirements and documentation practices of various equipment manufacturers
  • Reputable negotiation and skillful formation of supply base coalition, domestic and internationally
  • Well verse in supply base development and management
  • Strong knowledge in developing programs to support on-site support, installation, spares, and repairs
  • Articulating knowledge of developing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and support applications; i.e., database, bar-code, tooling management, ECN/ECR, documentation vault system, deviation approval, work order processing, materials management, MRP, Quality metrics
  • Deep product knowledge of components and assemblies structured in vertically integrated systems
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering; BS in Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Chemical, and Industrial Engineering
  • MBA and MBA in Innovation and Technology Management; MS is Industrial and Systems Engineering; BS in Computer Electronics, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering
  • Experience in getting start-ups off the ground and building businesses with increasing capabilities
  • Broad knowledge base of various commodities utilized in manufacture of products required for non-core capital systems
  • Working knowledge of product development, from concept and feasibility, Alpha, Beta, Pilot run, Manufacturing release, and end-of-life
  • Deep understanding of managing product life cycle, from prototyping, new product introduction, volume manufacturing, continuous improvement program (CIP), sustaining engineering, and product phase out
  • Strong experience in DFx practices: Design for Manufacturability, Design for Serviceability, Design for Testability, Design for Reliability, Design for Cost, etc…

Technical Team

  • Electro-Mechanical Box Build and System Level Cable/Harness Design
  • Advanced Documentation: 3-D solid modeling in Pro-E, Solid Works, Unigraphics, Inventor…
  • Documentation: 2-D AutoCAD & Excel BOM; Digital Photography-based SOE/OMS/MPI
  • Product Development: transforming concepts into prototypes of cables, harnesses, and electromechanical assemblies
  • Document review and recommendation based on component compatibility, DFx principles, cost reduction…
  • On-Site Technical Support – Engineering & Technician
  • Project Management: ensuring smooth coordination of technical and operations supports for Engineering Projects
  • Develop and maintain a supply chain operating efficiently, with less costs and effective in delivery products and services
  • Operate with a holistic view of total solutions to customer requirements
  • Create communication channels for critical information and operational improvements
  • Strategically partner with key suppliers
  • Strategically align with entities providing complementary capabilities






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